You work hard to offer your clients value that helps you to stand out in the marketplace.   Our process assures that the server technology you choose reflects the value and the hard work you have put into your business.   We help to navigate the complex waters that can sometimes overwhelm your decision making process. Engage with us today and find out what others have found, we help to make your decisions easy and accurate.


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Delivering Servers since 1983



Our approach is simple.   We provide our customers with all the components they need to succesfully deploy an infrastructure that will accomodate all of the technology necessary to help them to compete in today's crowded and competive business environment.



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In April of 1983 DTR Business Systems, Inc. opened our doors to serve small business customers  deploying Mini Computer servers.   Our founding team brought operating system expertise, hardware expertise, and logistical expertise in the planning and deployment of critical small business servers that were essential to the every day computing that gave the small business the leverage to grow without adding costs to the bottom line. 
Since then our team has helped thousands of small businesses like yours.