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Are You Speeding 90 Miles-An-Hour Down A Dead End Road?

Which road lies ahead for Resellers and ISVs? A shrinking economy, cost cutting, new spending priorities and critical make-or-break technology are all givens. But, the results that really matter will be determined from the choices you make. What is it that helps you know which road to take? Are you missing opportunities? You may not know that recessions create special opportunities for you and your customers.

Good, creative ideas and sound reseller solutions are our business and always have been. Our client resellers and ISVs have relied on us for over 25 years — to help them navigate through all kinds of economic conditions, technology choices and challenges. We bring to the table a high level of expertise, unique deep technology and customer experience, strategic market intelligence and DTR's indispensable brand of customer service.

Imagine —just imagine what would happen if you had better ideas and reseller solutions? We are confident we can make a difference for your business and for you. We won't tell you to call us today, that's your decision.

Reseller Success Kit

Some resellers and ISV’s succeed where others fail, even in a recession. How do they do it? It's not magic and it's not voodoo; but 10 simple, time-tested basic strategies that really work. Here's a recession survival plan and a reseller success kit that will work for you..

What Clients Really Want

There are two top deliverables all of your customers expect. Here's the best way to meet the challenge for Custom Servers and Integration.

Winning A Business Annuity

The secret to building a lucrative, ongoing revenue stream from offering IT Managed Services relies both on service and relationship.

VARs and ISVs need the right ideas, talent, courage and some luck to navigate today's growing challenges. Business allies and partners are also hugely important. Your current partners may have been the right choice in the past — but times have changed. Is it working for you now? Every advantage could make the difference. Give us a look. We have 25-years experience creating critical winning differences for our partners when the chips are on the line.


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